Web-based hosted VPN services. Easy setup clientless SSL VPN in minutes!

  1. Security you can trust
    • All connections using 128 bits SSL encryption.
    • Central Authentication Services as security guard
    • No inbound port opened on your servers.
    • Hide your IP, you never expose your servers to public.
    • Keep your servers behind firewall.
  2. Easy and powerful clientless SSL VPN
    • Remote Access your intranet web application.
    • Remote Access your desktop using VNC Java Applet Viewer.
    • Remote Access your Window Terminal Server using RDP Java Applet Viewer.
    • Java Applet SSH Client, Telnet Terminal, FTP Client, SFTP Client and File Share Client.
    • Access Databases/Applications by TCP/UDP Port Forward as Tunnels.
    • Firewall and Proxy friendly.
    • Roles(Groups) management.
    • Access permission management.
    • Everything accesses as URL with your domain/subdomain, integration easily.
  3. Remote Help desk solution
    • Access client's computer using embeded VNC and FTP server.
    • Chat included.
    • Request queue managed automatically.
  4. Platform Independent - Implemented in Java
    • JRE1.4+ Required for Agent.
    • Web Browser plus JRE1.4+ for Client.
  5. Designed for personal users to mid-sized companies
    • Easy setup - minimal knowledge required.
    • Clientless management.
    • Realtime Monitor, access logs.
    • Daily graphic report.
SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network)

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